MovingTwice Der größte Spendenlauf aller Zeiten. Wed, 18 Feb 2015 15:49:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 15 Scenarios That Will Make You Run Like Never Before Tue, 23 Sep 2014 14:55:25 +0000 Continued]]> We all know running is good for us. Sometimes it’s just hard to get motivated. That’s why we compiled 15 helpful scenarios to think about if you started running – but are about to give up. Which you should never do. And we mean: never. 


1) You’re Usain Bolt.
A.K.A. You run at the speed of light.


2) You’re running from zombies trying to eat your brains. 
Ok, I know. This doesn’t like you need to run THAT fast. But still.


3) You’re in one of those “I have to get fit to beat my enemies” film montages (à la Rocky Balboa).
Works. Every. Single. Time.


4) You’re Hovering Cat.
Who needs legs? Or gravity?


5) You’re James Bond on a mission to save the world …
I mean, he can even do it in a suit …


6) … or you’re simply trying to get home fast.
We all know there’s nothing worse than just missing the train.


7) You’re Forrest Gump.
He just felt like running. He JUST felt like running?! (Ok, sorry, this is probably a bad example.)


8) You’re skipping class and hiding from the teacher.
You’re obviously back in first grade when skipping actually gave you an adrenaline rush.


9) You ate an entire 16-inch pizza by yourself last night. 
Oh, the good old guilt and shame. The best motivators.


10) You’re running from the cops.
For whichever reason you would like. Be creative!


11) You’re in a slow-motion scene of a motivational video.
Ahhh, look at those muscles!


12) Your phone is dying and you need to get to the nearest power source.
Running without music and/or MovingTwice? Nope, not with Leo.


13) You’re simply running into Mordor.
Yeah, Boromir, you heard me.


14) Think of your amazing body after your run.
geilen Körper
Looking good = feeling good = looking good = …


15) You’re on the home stretch of an amazing charity run.
Oh, wait. You are!


Source: GIFs via Tumblr


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How To Become An Over-Achiever in 6 Lunch Hours Sat, 19 Apr 2014 15:36:47 +0000 Continued]]> Have you ever encountered your boss at McDonald’s with a sloppy stain on his shirt? Probably not. (If yes: where do you work?) For everyone else we have gathered 6 pointers from successful people that will make our jobs (and lives!) so much easier – and will turn us into over-achievers in no time. 

Planning is half the battle.


Come on, didn’t we already establish in our last tutorial that scarfing down some fast food is more than unhealthy? Because: Successful people know that one should plan one’s lunch hours just as well as any other work appointments. And that doesn’t mean that you should schedule your meetings during your lunch or that you should work through it – no, it means that you should use the hour to sit down calmly and enjoy your delicious meal. After all: We don’t make our appointments last minute, do we? So, why would we rush to McDonald’s last minute and get some quick fix? Let’s make our nutritious lunch at home the day before – or at least plan ahead of time and know what delicious meal we will be having the next day.

Away we go.


He who sits at the computer all day commits voluntarily to staying in a prison he has made for himself. Yes, sure, this important presentation needs to get done for tomorrow and, of course, it needs to be perfect. But even if you still have a lot on your plate, it sometimes is just better to take a break than to torture yourself and work through it. So, get out of the office and into beautiful nature! The change of scenery will freshen your body and soul and provide you with enough energy for the rest of the day. You need a break but still want to feel productive? Then how about you just work off your personal to-do-list – for example, by making that totally overdue phone call to your mom!

Turned off.


So, when was the last time you have averted your gaze from your beloved computer screen? Or even turned off your phone? Right, that’s what I thought. But hey, we all feel the same way! As soon as we’re not available 24/7, we feel isolated from the rest of the world. And successful people couldn’t possibly allow themselves to shut everything down and be isolated, right? But yes, they can! Just putting down all our devices for an hour during lunch provides us with more concentration and peace of mind, allows us to rest our eyes and helps us to work even harder after lunch. You still want to educate yourself in your free time? Try reading the newspaper (but not online!) or escaping into a suspenseful novel.

Work hard, play hard.


If you’ve seen the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you know that one can definitely overindulge in this commandment. But in moderation a little fun during our lunch hours can provide us with the necessary alternation as well as act as a reward for a successful morning. So, if you meet friends, hang out with your colleagues or make a trip to the beloved museum, you will reward yourself for your hard work and make sure that your afternoon will be just as productive. Also: He who fights through the workload during the day just to have fun after work, will ultimately memorize his job as a burden – and will be even less motivated to go to work the next day. A little hint from our runners: If you go for a short run during lunch, you will feel refreshed and be full of energy for the rest of the day!

Climb the ladder.


Who would have thought that successful people use their lunch hours to network? (You did? Good job!) While this probably seems reasonable to most of us, we all still have a lot of respect for this supreme event in the sport of “career-making.” Which is totally understandable: It’s hard enough to win anyone as a friend – and then it should be your boss or another authority figure? That’s why it’s important to break the networking down into little pieces and to set oneself the goal of meeting at least one new person for lunch per week. As you know: Practice makes perfect – but so do the exciting experiences and the career advice your boss has to offer.

Step back, please.


Don’t look back because you’re not going that way? I don’t think so! If you want to develop further and grow, you need to know your past mistakes and learn from them. Of course, one shouldn’t just keep wallowing in the past and missed opportunities either. That’s why we should use one lunch hour per week to take a step back and to judge our previous progress. A little evaluation helps us to not only keep track of thousands of to-do-lists but it also boosts our egos when we can finally check off some tasks. Not to mention the burst of inspiration we get for new projects and career opportunities!

So, you CEOs of the future, are you ready to become over-achievers? Let’s go!

Source: Business Insider: “13 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Hours” & Tumblr (GIFs)

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5 Reasons to Stop Being a Couch Potato and Start Running Sun, 23 Mar 2014 18:49:31 +0000 Continued]]> Actually we should feel sorry for it because everybody knows it but still, nobody likes it: Our weaker self. However, it’s all its own fault because our weaker self is the reason why we spend our evenings on our couch gorging our fastfood and then keep on rebuking ourselves because we chose the couch instead of a run in the park. But that belongs to the past! We give you five reasons why you should kick your weaker self’s ass! 


1. Everybody can run. Even you! 

Don’t let yourself go and start to run! It doesn’t require any magic: Just put one of your feet in front of the other! Increase the pace and repeat that move as often as you want! Exactly – this is just the movement you make when you walk to your beloved refrigerator! But now it’s time to do it in natural surroundings! Let’s go: Replace your TV night with your running shoes and one or two laps in the park!


2. Endorphins!

You’re sitting in your room, listening to Gary Jules’ Mad World on continuous loop and asking yourself when your mouth corners have been higher than those of Ice Cube for the last time? Well then, there’s just one way out: Endorphins! Endorphins are little presents your body is rewarding you with when you manage to conquer your weaker self! They make you feel happy and satisfied and the only thing you have to do is running! Here we go: Say bye to Gary Jules and get to know Woodkid as well as your body’s boosters! Run, boy, run!


3. You run, therefore you donate! 

So we know that we reward ourselves with endorphines when we run. But thanks to MovingTwice you can go the extra mile and help others by running your beloved laps! Don’t worry, your brimmed piggy bank won’t be touched by us: For every kilometer you run, a responsible company pays an amount to a project of your choice! What a motivation! Now you’re even able to get your friends out of their couches, because running together means donating together!


4. Bye Bye Winter Fat!

We all sin. How should we resist all the cookies and christmas feasts anyway? Meanwhile, however, even the smallest crumbs have disappeared and it’s time to get in shape for summer! Well, you won’t lose your spare tire after the first lap but luckily, summer lets us cool our heels. And hey: Good things come to those who wa… work! So get out of your bed and start looking for your running shoes! Found them? Great! Get a move on, there won’t be any cookies until next winter!


5. Strengthen Your Immune System!

Your nose stops running as soon as you yourself start doing it! Since running improves your body’s defence, more and more killer cells are being generated. But don’t worry – they do not want to kill you but the unwelcome guests in your body. So if you’re not a fan of shivering attacks, pain in the limbs oder fever, we recommend you running as preventive medicine! However, that’s just half the battle: Don’t forget to eat balanced and to allow yourself and your body enough recovery! That’s how you stay healthy!


What are you waiting for?  Now you know that it’s time to start running and to stop staring at your screen! So, let’s go! 


GIF Source: Tumblr

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5 Steps to Becoming an Early Bird – Make the Most of Your Day! Thu, 20 Mar 2014 20:07:36 +0000 Continued]]> Spring is arriving and we are slowly awakening from hibernation. For everyone still struggling with tiredness: Here are 5 easy steps to help you get up earlier – and make the most of your day. 

1.   Early = early.


Paid attention in math class? Sure! So, technically we should all know: Who goes to bed early, gets up early. No, that doesn’t mean we all need to hit the hay at 8 pm sharp. Because the night certainly isn’t only for sleeping. But even half an hour can make a difference. You’re struggling to fall asleep early? Try listening to soothing music – after all, when we were young our moms sang us to sleep, too.

 2.   Rise and shine.


Yes, if we want to sleep in, we make sure to close all the blinds the night before, so the annoying sun can’t deprive us of our sleep. But because we all want to become early birds now, we will do the exact opposite: We will pull a Kanye and let “all of the lights” in our bed chamber. Because: It’s just so much nicer to get up when the room is light-flooded. Squinting in the sun light will make it much harder to fall asleep again! (Pssst! Just like a soothing song makes you sleepy at night, an upbeat song as your alarm ringtone can help you wake up!)

Hint: Scientists have discovered that we have a sleeping cycle of about 1.5 hours: Approximately every 90 minutes we change between light sleep and a slow-wave sleeping phase. If we all set our alarms to wake up in a light sleeping phase, then we will be able to wake up more easily. This means: Set your alarm to 6, 7.5 or 9 hours after you fell asleep.

3.   Treat. Yo’. Self.


Wow, you actually jumped out of bed on the first alarm? We can’t let that go unrewarded! Because: We all know from Biology that positive reinforcement makes us repeat a certain action. So, let’s use our newly won time to calmly read a newspaper or book or even watch an episode of our favorite show. Basically: Treat. Yo’. Self. (Parks and Rec, anyone?) In no time you will even look forward to mornings – and be in a better mood all day!

4.   Dig in.


An important part of our special morning treatment is, of course, an awesome breakfast. Your granny was right after all when she would always make you her “breakfast of champions.” And champions don’t eat a granola bar or drink a coffee on the run. No, champions enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast of proteins, fruit, vegetables and whole grain. They will give you the necessary energy and a great mood for a successful day. So, go ahead and dig in!

5.   Fit for Fun.


On your marks, get set, go! The supreme event in getting up early is physical training. Think about it: If you are fit enough to not only keep your eyes open but also to work out, then the worst of days can’t stop you. So, get up, get out of bed and get into your sneakers: A run in the park or half an hour of yoga will make you feel more energized – and absolutely nothing will stand in your way.

Alarms set? Blinds open? The right music at hand? Great, then see you tomorrow at 7 am for a run in the park – and have a great start to a successful day!

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DIY Powerfood: Anne’s Breakfast Boost Sun, 09 Mar 2014 02:37:45 +0000 Continued]]> en_running-breakfast-boost-movingtwice-charityapp

The perfect base for every granola is whole grain – and I love to use oatmeal for its fibers and extra power. Now just add some nuts that provide optimal fatty acids for your brain and heart. The cherry on top (literally) are dried and fresh fruit, like berries and bananas. Especially in the winter, I recommend using frozen fruit – they are just as delicious and healthy with lots of vitamins. Finally, mix in a couple spoons of yogurt, kefir or curd for your daily dose of proteins. You prefer a lactose-free alternative? Just use some fresh fruit juice! And remember: The more colorful the granola, the better!

There you go: In less than 5 minutes we created a super healthy, nutritious, and above all, delicious breakfast!

Pssst! Granola also gives you the perfect boost for your run! Before the run it fills the glycogen storages – and afterwards it provides the body with proteins for the muscle regeneration.

You have some easy recipes for delicious granolas? Share them with us and the MovingTwice Community with a comment or on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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